The Time is NOW!

Alert2Learn was developed as a tool to assist our clients in learning what they need to know to stay ahead of what students already know, have association with or at the very least are exposed to just by being a kid at school. We do this by teaching all types of relevant topics to help administrators keep their school safe which include the latest trends, substances, paraphernalia, hide methods, tell tale signs, associated items, right questions to ask, policy and all the other pertinent information regarding any particular unwanted item, substances or activities.

The people behind Alert2Learn are passion driven individuals utilizing each members expertise in a TEAM effort to accomplish good. Drawing on decades of experience by proven professionals whose primary focus is practical, logical and economical solutions for safety in schools, our team members are routinely involved providing leadership in schools handling the very topics covered by Alert2Learn.

When you begin looking for assistance in understanding the ins and outs of the drug culture from what kids do to how they do it, where they do it, how they hide it, where they hide it, what things look like, the paraphernalia used, ways to communicate so others do not know and most importantly WHAT YOU CAN DO, there are many so called "experts" that like to talk about these issues. What it boils down to something pretty simple. Some really like to talk about all the things kids get into whether it's illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, experimentation, weapons, gangs, explosives or a host of other things, while others are active in the detection, deterring and providing leadership during those very same events in hundreds of different schools annually. 

Ask yourself this question: "Would I prefer to learn from a source that has limited relevant, current experience and TALKS about issues or do I prefer to learn from proven professionals whom actually encounter, act and provide leadership of the very same real world issues on a routine basis?"

You have a choice that is rather simple. Choose the professionals. We are here for you.

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