Church Fundraising

Church Fundraising that makes a difference!

There are so many different church fundraising possibilities out there, why not take a look at a fundraiser that makes a difference on every level? Rather than selling a candy bar, popcorn, cookie dough or something else which can be purchase anywhere, take a look at something that can help change lives. We have created an special program which interests every virtually every person, congregation, parent, school or business.

For more than a decade we have lead groups that come to us looking for church fundraiser options. Every year we help thousands of organizations and church groups of all denominations. Whether raising money for mission trips, youth camps or new facilities, we have the program for you. Instead of selling a product door to door, handling money, purchasing product, shipping product and then finally delivering product, why not take a look at what makes Alert2Learn different.

Our product is simple. You sell drug training which every parent wants and needs. It lasts your supporter all year, you collect no money, purchase no product, ship no product and deliver no product as we do all that for you. That's right, we do it all. And the best part, you can even use social media to fund-raise and sell to any person with a computer, in any town, city, state or country for that matter. Now that is something that can involve almost every person by simply using email, social media, face to face, or even a phone call or text. Now what other fundraiser can say that?

So if you're looking for no upfront cost and a great church fundraiser, where you can make large amounts of money, invest little effort, provide something every parent needs and actually make a difference, we have THE program for you. Let us know how we can help!